About Us

The Brand

I have had a passion for cutting hair for the past 13 years and was the family go to for a haircut. During college I was able to maintain a great lifestyle cutting hair. After college, I made an attempt at the "corporate" route, but never really fit into what society deems as corporate politics. 

September 2015, was the year I decided to finally stop procrastinating on this burning passion and move forward with my dream of becoming a full-time Licensed Barber. 

After some time, I finally succeeded in the barber school program at Erskine Reeves Barber Academy and achieved my barber license. Over the last couple years I have worked for some great establishments, such as Fade, Braids & Locs and DudeCanCut Hair Studio. I have built great relationships with entrepreneurs who have mentored me on personal and professional growth. As of Feb 2018, we are happy to announce: Von Lise Brand, LLC. 

The Commitment

Owned and operated by DeVaughn Gibson and daughter Eliscea, Von Lise signifies Perseverance, Victory and Prosperity. Hence the circles within the logo.